About Us

Our Founding Story...

Who am I supposed to be now? Where do I fit in the world? 
It was the very first game of the season and I was playing defense for my college football team. The other team’s running back was headed straight for me. I can see his bright wide eyes looking straight at me as he was about to decide in a split second whether to try and bounce outside me or cut it inside.
I was in my stance ready for him, knowing I had to protect the outside since I was the corner.
Quickly he cuts inside and I planted my foot to lunge into him for the tackle, but instead of pushing off to collide with the running back I suddenly felt my knee shift in a way it shouldn’t have shifted. I immediately went towards the ground instead like someone had just pulled the grass carpet from underneath me.
Just like that I tore my ACL and my season was over. I never would have expected at the time…

That would be my last football game ever.

But the real problem wasn’t that I was injured physically, the real problem was that my whole identity was wiped out in one day, one game, one injury. 
Sports made me feel like myself. It was the thing I did that helped me know where I fit in the world. I had no idea who I was underneath the athlete identity.
So when that label peeled away, it left behind a pretty big hole that I didn’t know how to fill. I felt like I’d suddenly become a bystander to my own life. 
I felt completely lost, until I began to build a new identity from a spark from someone that would later seek me out to help them with theirs. 
I went on to graduate from college with an exercise science degree, and worked as a personal trainer for 16 years. I then started my own personal training gym and grew it into a thriving community.

I helped hundreds of adults reverse the long-term effects of negative self-image and poor nutrition habits and I noticed something significant…

In every instance where a client was stuck in unhealthy patterns, I could trace it back to some part of their childhood where they hadn’t developed some part of their self-image in a positive one.
One of those clients who I’ll never forget, walked into my office as a highly successful VP of sales and marketing in a huge company….who could barely make it up a flight of stairs. 
As we worked together, we began to trace the threads of her identity back to her childhood where she had labeled herself ‘the fat kid’. 
Being the fat kid became an IN-security blanket of sorts for her. But one that was comforting nonetheless. 
And no matter how much success she built for herself in her adult life, underneath it all was that same little girl who was trying to figure out who she was.

Little did she know, she was helping ME figure out WHO I WAS.

The day she called me to say she was quitting, that she just couldn’t do it anymore, is the day that shifted MY identity forever.
Because I realized, in that moment, how my journey had led me to a place where I could influence others in an unbelievably profound way. I could literally help them reshape their identities. 
The hole that was left when my athlete identity label peeled away was filled 100 times over. 
This was my purpose, to help create strength, resilience, and healthy self-images in the people I served.

Don’t quit yet. Give me One More Day. I will face this with you. I will breathe strength into your discouragement, weave hope into your doubt, build determination into your failure. You will come out of this forever changed.

She began to catch a new vision of herself and slowly reforged her identity. With my guidance, Karen became her own superhero.

Which led to my lightbulb moment…

Why don’t we plant these empowering seeds in our kids’ fertile minds, so they can empowered for the long, hard learning journey that so many of us are forced to walk as adults.
…And equip them with the armor to protect their body, capes to sore high and weapons to slay their own inner dragons of self-doubt.
That’s when Healthy Kids of America was born. We help parents empower their kids to be the superhero of their own story. 
These parents are working SO hard to raise happy, healthy kids who can thrive. But the best chance for success is to develop a positive self-image, and nobody teaches parents how to teach this to their kids. Until now.
It starts with their health and how they treat their body.
Our Superhero Academy teaches you and your kids how to find your hidden gifts, how to develop a healthy relationship with your bodies, and how to build a positive self-image. 
Imagine how great your kid will feel tapping into their own superhero identity with their body and with who they are inside.
It’s time to enroll your child on this quest and we’ll do the rest…